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What can I do to
make my grandchildren
inherit my assets?

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It is never too early to plan your retirement.

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persönliche Anlagelösung

We help you
to finance residential property
at attractive conditions.

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Privatbank Maerki Baumann - Individuelle Anlageberatung

Independence is the better
advisor than self-interest.

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Maerki Baumann & Co. AG - Privatbank

What can I do to
make my grandchildren
inherit my assets?

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Only those who listen well
can give good advice.

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Our specialists continuously monitor and evaluate market developments.
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IT security – simple concept, massive implications

IT security plays a key role when it comes to protecting systems and data against potential threats and actual attacks. In particular, the aim is to avoid the company suffering any economic, material, or non-material damage. In the area of IT security too, Maerki Baumann works with a number of experts. An informative conversation with our Head of IT & Digitization, Marco Müller. 

Return opportunities with sustainable investments

Sustainable investments have already become very popular among investors. Investment strategies that incorporate ESG criteria are enjoying exponential growth. Hot off the press, this Finance Theme gives you an idea of the potential returns that can be earned on sustainable investments. Read on to find out more!

Our Services

We offer sustainable and proven investment solutions, specially tailored to private clients, institutional clients or external asset managers. Benefit from our professional advice and individual service − we look forward to hearing from you.

Investing responsibly and sustainably

Investing responsibly and sustainably

A growing number of investors feel that their investments should not just generate a financial return but also make a positive contribution to the environment and society. With our “Equities Global Impact” focus module, which forms part of our innovative modular investment solution, we are meeting the increasing client demand for sustainable investments.

Handel und Verwahrung von digitalen Vermögenswerten

Trading and custody of digital assets

We would be delighted to act as your reliable partner in the new world of digital assets. As a regulated bank under Swiss law, we have both, proven processes and innovative security solutions in place to guarantee that all the relevant legal and regulatory requirements are consistently complied with, even in this relatively young business area.

Deutscher Elite Report der Vermögensverwalter

Elite Report

We have confirmed our top rating of previous years for 2020, too, having been awarded the rating “summa cum laude” by the German Elite Report on Asset Managers for the 12th consecutive time. This year, we, together with another Swiss bank, were named Best Swiss Asset Manager. We have thus secured our leading position among the best banks in German-speaking Europe.

Our commitment

Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance

The Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) is a centre of expertise that has gained an outstanding reputation in Switzerland in the area of banking, finance and capital market research.

Maerki Baumann supports the research activities of the Institute’s talented young academics in the form of sponsorship funding, thus making its own contribution to the financial sector’s continued development.

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