Modular investment solution

Modular investment solution

Attractive focus modules instead of expensive funds

Maerki Baumann’s innovative modular investment concept offers external asset managers the opportunity to supplement managed client portfolios with attractive focus modules and to replace cost-intensive funds in a targeted manner. This allows you, as an external asset manager, to focus on your core markets, while at the same time covering additional markets and asset classes that complement your core skills.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Cost-optimal replacement for funds
  • Focus modules also provide clients the opportunity to exercise shareholder rights
  • The use of focus modules allows for additional markets and asset classes to be covered in an effort-efficient manner, meaning you can focus on your core skills and core markets
  • Professional implementation of the selected focus modules by our investment specialists
  • Continuous, system-supported portfolio monitoring
  • Flexible adjustment of the module selection at any time
  • Comprehensive pricing model and transparent reporting (including fact sheet on individual modules)
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The focus modules

Several focus modules dedicated to different investment areas are available, providing you with access to various asset classes and markets. Get to know our focus modules in detail!

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