Autor: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

The regulations imposed on various sectors were introduced surprisingly swiftly and were on an unexpectedly massive scale.

Market Comment, September 2021

Author: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

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A more balanced asset allocation

Too good to be true – or at least too good to remain this way for long. This might be one way of describing the anticipation dilemma confronting stock markets. After all, it is quite possible that an almost perfect scenario is priced into many equity markets.

Market Comment

The changing face of China

China has changed. Whereas in 2020 the country was still clearly an engine driving economic activity and attracting investors, it has now become a negative factor for the stock markets. What lies behind this?

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Digital assets – today and tomorrow

The quest for assets that enjoy inherent protection against inflation is increasingly raising investor awareness of the world of digital assets (cryptocurrencies and tokens). For example, Bitcoin has recorded an impressive rise of around 500% since the stock markets hit bottom in March 2020 – and this already includes the sharp setback in May 2021. But: How will things play out over the remainder of this investment year?

Maerki Baumann - private bank - Zurich - Journal - July 2021


July 2021 - In this issue of our “Journal” we give you some insights into the rapidly evolving financial services industry – and into the structural change affecting private banking. What are the main drivers of this change? How does Maerki Baumann position itself as a private bank? And what are the implications for you as a client? It could be summed up like this: as a small, agile private bank, we are extremely well positioned when it comes to the digital transformation – an area in which the size of the company plays only a minor role. We focus on being ready to embrace innovation and, with our clients’ interests in mind, on shaping our own future as a business. And in doing so, we can look forward with optimism to what the future will bring.

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