Autor: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

A continuing supply deficit may have a significant impact on various commodities.

Market Comment, May 2024

Author: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

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There are various definitions and forms of sustainable investing. Given the complexity of the market, it comes as no surprise that there is a sense of uncertainty among investors. The latest edition of our Finance Theme publication takes an in-depth look at this topic and provides guidance in navigating the intricate world of green investing. It explains why sustainable investing is becoming ever more popular in Switzerland and how we address this investment philosophy at Maerki Baumann.

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November 2023 - As a responsible family company, our thoughts and actions have always been guided by environmental principles in addition to economic considerations. In order to anchor these values even more firmly in the DNA of our bank, we adopted a comprehensive sustainability strategy at the end of 2022. It governs how we handle the topic of sustainability in conducting our own business activities and thus shapes decisions at both an organisational and operational level. Our services as well as our advisory and investment processes are likewise aligned with the approach's principles. In our modular investment solution, for example, we systematically take account of environmental, social and governance aspects – also referred to as ESG criteria. Find out more in the latest edition of the Journal.

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